Junior Golf

Whether you’re looking to introduce a child to the game of golf for the first time or are seeking opportunities to further develop existing skills, we have a junior golf option for you. Our PGA Director of Instruction, Scott, has created year round programs for fun and learning about the game of golf. He has worked with some of the best junior players in the area. Joining him in instruction are Teaching Professionals, Sam Christiansen and Lauren Stockmoe.

Each program will cover all aspects of the golf swing while ensuring each golfer learns proper etiquette and safety while on the course. Each day of the program has an emphasis on one of the important aspects of the swing including grip, stance, posture, aim, and tempo. Each session will have multiple stations, keeping the student-to-coach ratio small. The stations will be a combination of full swing (irons and drivers), chipping, short and lag putting.

We believe golf is not just a sport, it's an experience. Our goal is to make each session enjoyable and memorable, fostering a genuine love for the game in every junior. The learning is made enjoyable through a variety of games and challenges. These activities not only reinforce golf skills but also promote teamwork, strategic thinking, and a love for physical activity.

View the Junior_Golf_Participation_Guidelines.pdf, which has parent information regarding inclement weather, dress code, etc.

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Junior Golf Options

MINI MASTERS (ages 4-5)

MINI MASTERS (ages 4-5)

This class will introduce the game of golf to our youngest group of juniors. We will focus on set up, grip, and swing fundamentals. Etiquette will be introduced with special attention given to safety and following directions.

Program 1: Wednesdays 2:45pm-3:45pm. (Limit 20 Juniors)

  • June 19th, 26th
  • July 10th, 17th, 24th

BIRDIES (ages 6-7)

BIRDIES (ages 6-7)

This is the second level for our junior golfers. This program builds upon the basic skills of grip, stance, posture, aim, and tempo learned in the Mini Masters program. We start to introduce the idea of par through learning the difference between different clubs and types of shots. Juniors will work on chipping, iron shots, driving, and putting in this program.

Program 1: Wednesdays 4pm-5pm. (Limit 25 Juniors)

  • June 19th, 26th
  • July 10th, 17th, 24th

Program 2: June 24th-27th, 8am-9:15am. (Limit 25 Juniors)

Program 3: July 15th-18th, 8am-9:15am. (Limit 25 Juniors)

EAGLES (ages 8-9)

EAGLES (ages 8-9)

This is the third level for our junior golfers. This program builds upon all skills learned in the Birdies program. Eagle students will also learn how to hit different chips and sand shots, along with full swing(irons), putting, driving, where detailed instruction will be given.

Program 1: Wednesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm. (Limit 25 Juniors)

  • June 19th, 26th
  • July 10th, 17th, 24th

Program 2: June 24th-27th, 9:30am-10:45am. (Limit 25 Juniors)

Program 3: July 15th-18th, 9:30am-10:45am. (Limit 25 Juniors)

ALBATROSS (ages 10-12)

ALBATROSS (ages 10-12)

The fourth program is designed specifically for older junior golfers that really enjoy the game of golf and want to learn and improve their skills and knowledge. This program takes all aspects previously learned to the next level and introduces the concepts of goal setting and pre-shot routine. They will also be taught the basics on how to play golf by expanding the knowledge of what is par and how to keep score.

Program 2: June 24th-27th, 11am-12:15pm. (Limit 25 Juniors)

Program 3: July 15th-18th, 11am-12:15pm. (Limit 25 Juniors)

Future Elite (ages 13-16)

FUTURE ELITE (ages 13-16)

 The Future Elite program is designed specifically for junior golfers ages 13-16 that have not played in many tournaments and want to take their learning to the next level. This program takes all aspects previously learned and applies them to on-course play. Topics covered in this program include rules, etiquette, and will prepare them for future tournament play.

Elite (ages 13-16 Tournament Players)

Elite (ages 13-16 Tournament Players):

The Elite Junior Golf  program is designed specifically for tournament junior golfers that want to continue to improve their game and tournament scores. This training-intensive program is complete with seminars, video analysis, supervised practice, and on-course instruction tailored to advanced junior golfers. Additionally, we focus on the mental aspect of the game, as well as proper practice routines, tournament preparation and opportunities for college golf, and we have a ton of fun!

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